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The very word Champagne arouses feelings in most of us and in this book, Richard Juhlin tells us everything there is to know and more besides about 8000 tasted and rated Champagnes. The author takes the reader on a journey to the geographical area of Champagne and some intimate wine tastings around the dinner table. He openheartedly shares his methods with us and generously gives us concrete tips on how to arrange tastings, which food suits different Champagnes and how to make the most out of the experience by developing our sense of smell.

This book has been very personally written with anecdotes from Juhlin’s life and the chapters include ”100 Champagnes you ought to drink before you die” and ”Champagne is best enjoyed outdoors”. There is even a catalogue section that presents and ranks the district’s Champagne producers and gives in-depth descriptions of the different Champagne houses, types and vintages.

Richard Juhlin has one of the best noses in the world and the extraordinary ability to evaluate and categorize aromas and tastes. He has attained worldwide fame as the number one Champagne expert and in 1997 was knighted in Champagne by the French Ministry of Agriculture. Richard has received a considerable number of awards and thanks to his unfailing enthusiasm for research into the subject.

Richard Juhlin writes newspaper articles, arranges trips, carries out cellar consultations and holds wine tastings and lectures across the globe. Read more on www.champagneclub.com. A Scent of Champagne is Richard Juhlin’s seventh book. His previous books are: Richard Juhlin Champagne Guide (2008), 4 000 Champagnes (2004), 3 000 Champagnes (2002), The Great Tasting (2000), 2 000 Champagnes (1999) and Champagneboken (1995). A Scent of Champagne is richly illustrated with pictures taken by the photographer Pål Allan.

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The previous book ‘Richard Juhlin Champagne Guide’ is avaliable at champagneclub.com

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