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champagne spring trip – day 3 – Château Saran

At 6 pm we had a grand welcoming at the most splendid mansion in Champagne, Château Saran and check-in for all in the group. Apéritif followed by Dom Pérignon dinner and last night champagne party.

DP Oenothèque96

1996 DOM PÉRIGNON ‘DP OENOTHÈQUE ’ magnum | Epernay | Champagne | France | Dom Pérignon | 50PN 50CH | RJpoints 95(97)

TASTING NOTE Has won yet to be in contact with the lees even longer. A further shift in this masterpiece. Put the magnums away magnum and drink from 2025. IN bottle it’s already sweet with a strong seafood elements, classical toasty, nutty richness backed by a senseless acid and length.


1990 DOM PÉRIGNON ‘DP OENOTHÈQUE’ magnum | Epernay | Champagne | France | Dom Pérignon | 42PN 58CH | RJpoints 94(96)

TASTING NOTE Richard Geoffroy’s first vintage. During a big Gala night full of celebrities in London in 2004, several bottles exhibited problems with their corks and a mineral-laden introversion that few of us had expected. The finer specimens had an exciting nose – sea water, oyster shell, minerals, and spices. The taste was dry, anorectic, and clear as a bell, but will become seductive again in its next phase of life. 


1990 DOM PÉRIGNON ‘DP ROSÉ OENOTHÈQUE’ magnum | Epernay | Champagne | France | Dom Pérignon | 50PN 50CH | RJpoints 95(96)

TASTING NOTE Richard Geoffroy’s first vintage. Incredibly stylish and a marvel of yummy richness wrapped in velvet. Deep Burgundian, and an almost religious experience on magnum of Château Saran.


1976 DOM PÉRIGNON ‘DP OENOTHÈQUE’ | Epernay | Champagne | France | Dom Pérignon | 50PN 50CH | RJpoints 97(98)

TASTING NOTE Fabulously chewy and powerful with an indestructible power and a layered richness. Multifaceted nose with an elusive, almost flowery undertone and beautifully nutty, toasted, and honeysuckle elements. An embracing richness is combined with a fleshy, soft sensation in the mouth. The twist exudes ruby grapefruit and coffee-flavored candy. In April 2014 some signe of decline in 5 bottles opened. A phase or slow way down the hill?


15 champagne lovers | 11 champagnes | 8 vintages | 165 glasses | 3 dishes