Brut Champagne Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill dégorgement Grauves Pol Roger

1921 Pol Roger ‘Brut’ – dégorgement ’77

Some days I love my profession more than other days! I just got offered a bottle of 1921 Pol Roger ‘Brut’ (Disgorged 1977) …

Champagne Grauves Pol Roger Richard Juhlin Sir Winston Churchill Tasting notes The Champagne Bar by Richard Juhlin

9 000 tasting notes!

This Friday night at The Champagne Bar by Richard Juhlin mr RJ passed his 9 000 tasting note!

Épernay house champagne Pol Roger Richard Juhlin The Champagnebar The Champagnebar by Richard Juhlin

new house champagne @ the champagnebar by richard juhlin

Since The Champagnebar by Richard Juhlin @ MOOD STHLM is often frequented by our guests and members we change the  house champagne every fortnight. These weeks we focus a little more on this producer. For example, we serve the current cuvée préstige by the glass during these weeks. This represented the most famous and influential champagne houses and the most sought after growers.

A scent of Champagne Book signing Pol Roger Richard Juhlin The Champagne Guide

book signing @ BBR in London on the 5th of december

Friday 5th December – Champagne event – 2pm to 5pm

Billecart-Salmon Bollinger Comtes de Champagne Cristal Deutz Diebolt-Vallois Dom Pérignon Dom Ruinart Henriot Jacquesson Krug Lanson Lasalle Legras Pol Roger Stockholms Auktionsverk Systembolaget Veuve Clicquot

Champagne auction in Sthlm 1st of September

Stockholms Auktionsverk in collaboration with Systembolaget will host the autumns first champagne auction on Monday the 1st of September. Below You will find the different lots:

Charles Heidsieck Cristal Rosé Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill Dom Pérignon Dom Pérignon Oenothèque FINE Champagne Grand Siècle Henriot Krug Krug Grande Cuvée Laurent-Perrier Louis Roederer Piper-Heidsieck Pol Roger Taittinger Uncategorized

FINE Champagne’s ‘Best Champagnes for 2014’

The yearly result of FINE CHAMPAGNE MAGAZINE’s annual classification of ‘100 Best Champagnes’ has been published. In 2010 the title was given to Armand de Brignac Brut Gold NV, 2011 to Piper-Heidsieck Rare 2002, 2012 to Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 2000, 2013 to Charles Heidsieck Vintage 2000.

In 2014, for the first time in this classification’s history FINE CHAMPAGNE MAGAZINE vote went to a rosé champagne, the magnificent Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé 2002. This year FINE CHAMPAGNE MAGAZINE also awarded three honorary awards for mature Library Vintages, exceeding 15 years of age. FINE CHAMPAGNE MAGAZINE’s TOP 3 Library Vintages were Dom Pérignon Oenothèque 1996, Laurent-Perrier Les Réserves Grand Siècle Magnum NV and Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millénaires 1995. Why don’t You compare the results with Champagne Clubs list from The Juhlin tasting 2014. The major difference is that our tasting is based upon the 100 best cuvée préstige from the top 50 growers and the top 50 houses. And only champagne that are available on the market at the moment. Read about our top-ranking here.  In our tasting there were no rosés or single vineyard champagnes. Only Cuvée préstige …

 Fine Champagne magazine 12

TOP 10 Champagnes for 2014

1                Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé 2002

2                Dom Pérignon 2004

3                Louis Roederer Cristal 2002

4                Charles Heidsieck Rosé Réserve NV

5                Piper-Heidsieck Rare 2002

6                Henriot Rosé Millésime 2005

7                Krug Grande Cuvée NV

8                Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 2000

9                Krug Vintage Brut 2000

10             Pol Roger Vintage 2002

Library Vintages Honorary Awards 2014

1                Dom Pérignon Oenothèque 1996

2                Laurent-Perrier Les Réserves de Grand Siècle Magnum NV

3                Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millénaires 1995


Champagne Grauves Pol Roger

champagne spring trip – day 2 – Pol Roger

Bus left and took us to Winston Churchill´s favorite Champagne Pol Roger. we had a visit and lunch at Champagne Pol Roger with president Laurent D´Harcourt and some amazing rarities.

10 Downing Street

RJ ON POL ROGER The foremost ambassador for Champagne, Christian Pol-Roger, has unfortunately retired from the scene. Nowadays the firm is run by Christian de Billy’s son Hubert. He was very doubtful for a long time as to whether or not he should dedicate his life to the family firm, but feels completely at peace now that the choice has finally been made. Winston Churchill’s favourite domain was established in 1849 by Pol Roger, who was succeeded by his sons, Maurice and Georges.

At the turn of the century the Roger family changed its name to Pol-Roger. Maurice was the mayor of Épernay during the week-long occupation of the town by the Germans in September 1914. Despite German threats to shoot him and burn down the town, he remained defiant and was later hailed almost as a saint in the town. He was voted honorary mayor for life. England has always been the main export market for Pol Roger, and when the wartime prime minister Sir Winston Churchill died the label of the Champagne was black-edged in memory. After a suitable period of mourning, the 1975 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill was launched, in magnums only. The wine is made in a style they believe Sir Winston would have appreciated. His favorite vintages were 1928, 1934, and 1947.


TODAY Nowadays the firm owns eighty-five hectares of vineyards, most of them close to Épernay: Mardeuil, Chouilly, Pierry, Moussy, Chavot, Cuis, Cramant, and Grauves. They meet 45 per cent of the firm’s needs, and the rest is taken from Pinot villages to give the wine backbone. Pol Roger’s vinification is quite normal, which leads me to the conclusion that the secret lies in the quality of the grapes and, above all, in the skill in assembling the cuvées. The wines are medium-bodied, with a lovely fruit balance and perfect dosage. The mousse is exemplary, with smaller bubbles than usual because of a cellar temperature half a degreee below the average.

Pol Roger had more wines and more older wines in the Millennium Tasting than almost any other Champagne domain, which is completely natural because Pol Roger’s champagnes are extremely high class and are so long-lived. They are normally most famous for their Pinot-dominated cuvées today made by Dominique Petit, but at Villa Pauli they were rewarded for the best blanc de blancs ever made, with their powerful 1959. My only 100-pointer is a blanc de blancs from Pol Roger. I love the entire range of the firm’s products, from the regular non-vintage all the way to the Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, and I guarantee you that every sound bottle you drink will impart a life-enhancing experience of pure joy. Just at present the best bargain is the 2000 Blanc de Chardonnay if you can wait at least two more years after release. The wines from the 2002 vintage are destined for the cellar.

Pol Roger140415_027-2

APÉRITIF IN THE GARDEN  | 2004 POL ROGER ‘BLANC de BLANCS’ | Epernay | Champagne | France | 100CH | RJ 87(92)

TASTING NOTE It’s a bit early to predict whether this will be a bestseller or just a very nice Champagne. Anyway, we again have to do with a classic Pol Roger Blanc de Blancs with strong mineral character and lemon overtones. The roundness verify that we have to wait for a while.

2014-04-15 15.21.27-2

1988 POL ROGER ‘BLANC de CHARDONNAY’ | Epernay | Champagne | France | 100CH | RJ 94(96)

TASTING NOTE This label is very consistent through the years. Already from the start, the ’88 was charming, and distinguished with a faint note of citrus and a soft aftertaste. Delightfully complex bouquet, with a nutty tone and classic purity developed in the beginning of the twenty-first century and by 2003 the wine had broken all barriers. Now it’s sensationally voluptuous and rich, with a Comtes-like exotic mint-toffee sweetness and layers of butter toffee and fat Chardonnay.

2014-04-15 15.23.50-3

1999 POL ROGER ‘CUVÉE SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL VINOTHÈQUE’ by magnum | Epernay | Champagne | France | secret blend | RJ 91(93)

TASTING NOTE Young and immature directly after degorgement. A bit closed at that time, but nothing that makes me think of anything but a very good future. As I expected early, harmony appered when I tasted it again at the beginning of 2012. Very nice on jeroboam and magnum.

2014-04-15 15.24.04-2

1993 POL ROGER ‘MILLÉSIME VINOTHÈQUE’ by magnum | Epernay | Champagne | France | 60PN 40CH | RJ 92(92)

TASTING NOTE A wine that was surprisingly similar to the fruity and charming nonvintage Champagne when it was released on the market. In a very short time the character has gained depth—we are already dealing with a classic but as-yet light and rapidly maturing Pol Roger. To be drunk in great, refreshing gulps. Because the house-style is intact, it will surely mature handsomely. No great depth, but still a good piece of work.

2014-04-15 15.22.08-3

1996 POL ROGER ‘ROSÉ VINOTHÈQUE’ | Epernay | Champagne | France | 65PN 35CH | RJ 92(96)

TASTING NOTE This issue of this wine follows the trend of recent years’ rosé wines, which is somewhat lighter, more floral and simultaneously creamier than previous vintages. Gorgeously, romantically summery just at present.

Pol Roger

2006 POL ROGER ‘ROSÉ’ | Epernay | Champagne | France | 65PN 35CH | RJ 84(87)

TASTING NOTE Clearly better than the alarming weakness in 2004. Pure fine fruit, but still somewhat neutral in style and now the rosé from PR is always the only vintage wine from Pol Roger, I do not acquire my own winecellar.

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