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DP doubles

Late night service @The Champagne Bar by Richard Juhlin … time to go home … Nope! I passed by Djuret in the old town of Stockholm on my way home. Strange but this place seems to always be ‘on my way home’ …

Found my friend ‘Grand Danois’ eating a late night dinner with some friends and a couple of great bottles of Burgundy:  2011 ‘La Romanée’ from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair & 2004 ‘Échezeaux’ from Domaine  Charlopaiin-Parizot.

After a couple of tasting samples of these great Burgundies I got a patch on my back from the sommelier and he handed me a glass of bubbly. ‘What’s this?’ I asked him. ‘It’s from the gentleman in the corner’ he replied. I say a familiar face at the end of the bar. ‘Come on mister hot-shot, let’s se how Your tastebuds works tonight’ he said.

Well I couldn’t get a way from a late night game of ‘Blind tasting champagne’.

Dom Pérignon Bj

I sniffed the glass and smiled! ‘Oh, this is how a mature champagne from the seventies should be.’  The gentleman look surprised that I just threw my self in to the deep end och the bubbly pool.

The champagne showed the classical and typical DP-notes of hazelnuts & After Eight-mintyness. I went straight for mid seventies. ‘Hm, It’s DP for sure, but have I had this vintage?’  He replied ‘You had this Champagne with sommelier world champion Andreas Larsson 10 years back at a dinner.’

‘Ah, the 1976 DP Oenothèque!’ I shouted out. ‘No sorry, it’s the 1973’ he replied.

DP rosé tasting (photo Raphaël Cameron)150416_0169

1973 DOM PÉRIGNON ‘CUVÉE DOM PÉRIGNON | Epernay | Champagne | France | Dom Pérignon | 50PN 50CH | RJpoints 95(95)

TASTING NOTE ‘Relatively rich nose with slightly toasted elements. Fruity but without its restrained elegance. An aroma of mushroom cream and bread-like taste, with well-rounded edges. Fine apricot opulence in the middle taste gorgeously backed up by young gooseberry tones as well as the honey and chocolate of maturity. What a great ’73 perfect to drink now! I’m impressed with the freshness! Didn’t expect this!’

We got in to a debate on mature vintages in Champagne. And we got intrigued that the 1976 was also on the winelist. Did we order it? But of course!


1976 DOM PÉRIGNON ‘CUVÉE DOM PÉRIGNON | Epernay | Champagne | France | Dom Pérignon | 50PN 50CH | RJpoints 96(96)

TASTING NOTE ‘A wine that has impressed me very little in the past, with its vintage-typical, slightly burned, warm character. That’s why it was it was such a great surprise that I liked the ’76 so much. This bottle had a sensual floweriness that distinguishes the foremost ’76s, as well as a stately, long, sweet finish. Grandiose! Winner of the comprehensive DP tasting in Copenhagen 2006.’ 

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