Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill The Champagnebar by Richard Juhlin

fast-food? winston&co @ the champagnebar by richard juhlin (swe)

WINSTON & CO Bakom denna rubrik döljer sig en skön gastronomisk klo som vi vill flagga för redan nu, 27 & 28 november samt 4 & 5 december kommer vi att lansera den efterlängtade 2002 POL ROGER ‘CUVEE WINSTON CHURCHILL’ i The Champagnebar by Richard Juhlin i Stockholm.

Vi passar samtidigt på att servera chapas (champagne-tapas) på den exklusiva och odlade störkaviaren CARELIAN CAVIAR från finska Karelen. Ni kommer att ha möjligheten att prova chapas eller köpa hela 30 gramsburkar av de tre kvaliteterna: Baerial Malossol, Finest Baerial Traditional, & Baerial Black. För att få till bästa möjliga logistik kring detta kommer man att behäva förboka sin Winston & Co. Perfekt att få prova innan julklappsinköpen görs eller innan inköpen till nyårsupén är färdigplanerad… 



1 glas 2002 Winston
sashimi på salmalax, avokado-crème  – BAERIAL MALOSSOL
PRIS 795 sek

(med viss reservation för dagspriset på kaviaren från leverantören)

Carelian Caviar Collection

Samt följande går att förboka:


med smetanarödlök samt smörstekt toast à PRIS 795 sek


med smetana, rödlök samt smörstekt toast à 795 sek


med smetana, rödlök samt smörstekt toast à 995 sek




Vi bokningen ange vilken vilken dag ni kommer samt vilken kaviar ni önskar förboka.

Exempelvis: torsdag 27 november, 2xWinston&co samt 1 burk FINEST BAERIAL MALOSSOL 


Aÿ Bollinger Champagne Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill duelling champagnes Épernay Louis Roederer nonvintage Champagne Reims tasting

duelling champagnes @ broms – karlaplan

Yesterday Björnstierne started up the wine club ‘Food & wine by Björnstierne’ @ Broms – karlaplan. The tastinmg was a duell between old time favourites: Pol Roger, Bollinger & Louis Roederer.

Food & Wine

nv POL ROGER ’BRUT RESERVE’ | EPERNAY | 33PN 33PM 34CH | aprox  389 SEK |  TASTINGNOTE  ‘I love the entire range of the firm’s products, from the regular non-vintage all the way to the Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, and I guarantee you that every sound bottle you drink will impart a life-enhancing experience of pure joy. Some of the best bottles of nonvintage Champagne I have tasted have been well-stored Pol Roger. The ability to age with grace despite its Pinot Meunier content is the wine’s best asset. After a bad patch they are back on track again.’ RJpoints 75(85) 

2000 POL ROGER ’CUVEE WINSTON CHURCHILL’ | EPERNAY | ASSEMBLAGE SECRET | aprox  1 295 SEK |  TASTINGNOTE  ‘Not at all exciting when it was released. The tones are here but in an unusually weak form. Will time provide enough evolving to provide the desired push? Oh, yes. Already very worthy of its label. Nice smokey complexity. Fat and already matured.’ RJpoints 94(94)


nv LOUIS ROEDERER ’BRUT PREMIER’ | REIMS | 62PN 8PM 30CH   | aprox  399 SEK |  TASTINGNOTE  ‘Up to 20 percent of the oak-aged reserve wine is used in the nonvintage Champagne Brut Premier. Roederer has no set recipe regarding malolactic fermentation the personal qualities of the wine differ from case to case. Roederer is without doubt a brilliant Champagne house with an exceptional portfolio of wines. The nonvintage Champagne is brilliant. Invariably praised, nonvintage Champagne with a high proportion of reserve wines that had been stored in big oak barrels. Four years in the bottle before disgorging only the first pressing is used. For several years, an appley, storable, and decently good nonvintage Champagne. Today, a Cristal-like Champagne with outstanding finesse. Fantastic in magnum.’ RJpoints 83(91)

2006 LOUIS ROEDERER ’CRISTAL’ | REIMS | 60PN 40CH   | aprox  399 SEK |  TASTINGNOTE  ‘I quake at the thought of how much Cristal is going to be stolen from the cradle at nightclubs and fashionable restaurants in the rich parts of the world. But this version is just fantastic from the start. A colossal power and beautiful rumbling pinot maturity. It’s like chewing on the ripest grapes from Aÿ and Verzenay. At the same time ultra stylish down all the unmistakable cristal essence, peach and mango sweetness, pineapple coconut, vanilla and unreal sprightly acidity and citrus flowery. Many similarities with 2002, but with a clearer pinot touch.’ RJpoints 95(97)

nv BOLLINGER ’SPECIAL CUVEE ’ | AŸ | 60PN 15PM 25CH   | aprox  439 SEK |  TASTINGNOTE  ‘Yet again, one of my absolute favorites among nonvintage Champagnes. Since the beginning of the 1990s the wine has only been four years old when it enters the market and is vinified in steel vats. Even so, it’s fascinating to see how much 12 percent old reserve wines, vinified in oak barrels and stored in magnums, do to lift the product. The oakish, smoky, and deep Bollinger style develops after a couple of years in the bottle.’ RJpoints 81(89)

2004 BOLLINGER ’LA GRANDE ANNEE’ | AŸ | 60PN 40CH   | aprox  899 SEK |  TASTINGNOTE  ‘Richer and greater than I had expected. The oak maybe a little too obvious, but in the process of integration. Nice fresh fruitiness, delicious unobtrusive vanilla tones and a crisp minerality that in the current situation overshadows the mushroom tones.’ RJpoints 93(94)

1998 de Saint Gall 'Cuvée Orpale Blanc de Blancs' 1998 Henriot 'Cuvée des Enchanteleurs' 2004 Bollinger 'La Grande Année' 2004 Charlemagne 'Mesnillèsime Grand Cru' 2005 Taittinger 'Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs ' 2006 Louis Roederer 'Cristal' Agrapart 'Terroir Extra Brut' Egly-Ouriet 'Brut Tradition Grand Cru' Gatinois 'Brut Tradition' Laherte 'Les 7 Extra Brut' NSU Norsk Sommelier Utdannelse Uncategorized

lecture @ NSU sommelier school in oslo & bergen

Björnstierne is the lecturer for sparkling wines & champagne at NSU Norsk Sommelier Utdannelse, who’s running sommelier schools in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim & Copenhagen. For step 2 the students tastiong the following champagnes:

Chardonnay Chouilly Cristal Dubois Père & Fils Hautvillers Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon Le Mesni Le Mesnil-sûr-Oger Louis Roederer Mareuil Pinot Meunier Pinot Noir Reuil Verzenay Verzy Vins Clairs

Louis Roederer -‘a voyage into the making of brut prémier’

The still wines of Champagnes, vins clairs, very seldom leaves the cellars of Reims. and equally seldom outsiders from the Champagne industry have the opportunity to taste them. Under the guidens of Chef de caves Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon I had the opportunity to go through rhe parts that ends up in the final blend of Brut Premier.

2005 Louis Roederer' Cristal' 2006 Louis Roederer 'Cristal Rosé' Blanc de Blancs champagne spring trip Cristal Dom Pérignon Dubois Père & Fils Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon Le Mesnil Louis Roederer Louis Roederer 'Brut Premier' Louis Roederer 'Rosé Oenothèque' Oenothèque

champagne spring trip – day 1 – Louis Roederer

Late afternoon we checked-in at the magnificent hotel in Reims L’Assiette Champenoise (Now 3 stars in Guide Michelin). Round 6p.m. the bus left for unbeatable Champagne Louis Roederer. first we had  a visit at the cellars at 74, rue de Savoye followed by a splendid world unique Cristal vinothèque dinner served at the Golden room in Louis Roederer private mansion with the winemaker, the charming  Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon.