Champagne champagne glass Eero Koivisto & Ola Rune Mårten Classson Richard Juhlin Richard Juhlin Champagne Club Richard Juhlin Optimum The Champagne Bar by Richard Juhlin

presentation of ‘richard juhlin optimum’ @ the champagne bar by richard juhlin

This Friday we had the opportunity to invite members of Richard Juhlin Champagne Club to a presentation of our new champagne glass – ‘Richard Juhlin Optimum’. The three designers Mårten Classson, Eero Koivisto & Ola Rune where there to share their views on this new design.

Richard_Juhlin_Optimum_infogram-04 Richard_Juhlin_Optimum_infogram-03 Richard_Juhlin_Optimum_infogram-02 Richard_Juhlin_Optimum_infogram-01

Read more about the glass (in Swedish) & (in English).

photos by amun-re

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